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Of those issue that have concerned the government, academics and the public throughout the world, global warming is the most prominent. It is increasingly perceived in recent years as a threat to our biodiversity as well as human’s life. The objective of this essay is to evaluate the forces behind this trend and provide some solutions to alleviate it.

Overpopulation is widely recognized as the primary reason since it leads to greenhouse gas emission from factories. As the demands for food and facilities soar, a great number of tropical forests have been cut down in order to make lands for crop cultivation along with mass manufacture of ultra modern technologies have been done. It is an inevitable consequence that in imminent years, we would hardly find any trees due to the expansion of cities and arable farms; as a result, the declination of oxygen may not sufficient for the ozone process.

Another factor that has aggravated the situation is the growth in transportation. Hardly any time has passed do any areas in Ho Chi Minh city not have traffic congestions. Thus, the density of fumes in sprawling cities is unavoidable.

In terms of conclusion, I believe the government should be largely responsible. In my opinion, they must introduce legislation about controlling the exceeded use of private transportation through taxes. Also the development in constructing arable buildings at the heart of the metropolis can reduce the great deal of greenhouse gas from means of transports. Naturally, individuals should also act responsibly to address this problem.

To take this issue into account, we can consent with the view that global warming is a foresee problem which majority of countries are now facing. However, it is a manageable issue and by all the solutions given above, global warming could be diminished.
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Hi Truc Vien,

Về mặt từ vựng, có một số cách dùng từ sau mình khá confused về mặt collocation: crop cultivation, sprawling cities, arable buildings  foresee problem; về mặt ngữ nghĩa: ozone process và về chính tả: "In terms of conclusion". Bố cục thân bài của bạn hơi không đồng đều. 

Tuy vậy, bài viết của bạn ý tưởng hợp lý, diễn đạt mạch lạc, súc tích và bạn biết nhiều từ vựng mà với mình khá mới mẻ như alleviate, ultra-modern technologies, imminent years, aggravate...

Bạn có thể tham khảo ở đây một số từ vựng về chủ đề globalization và nature: http://lamchuielts.com/index.php/2016/04/28/chuyen-muc-hoc-tu-vung-theo-chu-de-phan-2-nature/

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