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“Err is human”; which implies directly everybody can have mistakes. Importantly, even they committed a crime before, there is possibility for them repenting and correcting their faults. Authorities often held talk show to educate the young generation by inviting veteran prisoners. In my opinion, I totally agree with their ideas since the veteran can transmit their sympathy and experience to teenagers.


 According to scientists, adolescent period is the period when teenagers are not self-control and they are vulnerable by illegal things or acts. Veteran prisoners can understand teenagers’ thought and behavior and guide them to crime avoiding because they also experienced changes of adolescence. Thanks to their concerns, the rate of juveniles reduces dramatically. In the report of US government in 2013, the criminal rate of young generation was 8%, which was lower than itself last year while the talk show between prisoners and teenagers increased more than 500 units in that year comparing with 2012.


On the other hand, youth is impulsive and frivolous, which lead to foolish acts of the young generation. As a result, going to jail is the punishment for them due to violating the law. Through to conversations with the veteran prisoners, the youth can know how difficult the life in prison is. They have to do unfair job, be detained and face with bullying. Moreover, after being released from prison, they also suffer discrimination of society and difficulties in life causing unemployment, metal and physical depressed to teenagers. That also affect the their children when they get married.


In conclusion, it is believed that authority should let the veteran prisoners talk to the young generation due to the positive impact on not only teenagers but also society. Moreover, talk shows are also the opportunity for pre-prisoners reintegrate with the normal life.
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