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Task 1: 
The charts demonstrate the changes of attitudes of  tourists when they go to the Ashdown Museum before and after it was refurbished. 
Generally, after refurbishing, the museum attracted the larger number of visitors and everyone seemed to be more pleasant with this change. 
In detail, there were only about 74.000 people visiting to the museum before reconstructing, while the figure increased significantly to 92.000 later. According to this trend, the rate of people who feel satisfied when arriving this place went up sharply from 30% to 40%. The percentage of viewers feeling very satisfied also soared from 15% to 35% . By the contrast, the figures of dissatisfied and very dissatisfied visitors fall considerably. While the rate of unpleasant people decreased about 25% from 40% to 15%, this rate of very unpleasant ones declined a half from 10% to 5%. But there was around 5% of visitors did not give their comments in both two periods before and after refurbishment. 
           (160 words)
Task 2:
Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country. Disscuss both these views and give your own opinion.
While, several countries chose to develop their economic as the most largest priority, I believe that the different fields are necessary to improve respectively for each countries.
  In the one hand, the government, especially the developing countries claim that the economic progress is a key to push down starving and surpass other countries. One of index showing the strength of a nation is Gross Domestic Products (GDP). This index is measured by the number of goods manufactured per a year in each country. Therefore, most of countries invest their budgets in enhancing the producing capacity such as expanding factors or allowing the foreign investors to open these ones. Thanks to this, many local residents have jobs and improve their lives. Moreover, some people also show that only when do the economies develop, they can  spend money on investing again in other fields, for example, education, health and social policies. Because these sectors need a huge money to develop from machines to people. And actually, many countries have to take aids from other nations to develop them.
On the other hand, I believe that the nations can still develop their economic and other types of progress at the same time. Firstly, although it is true that we need enhancing economic to bring benefits for citizens, but, if we only focus on economic, these sectors will be taken for granted and affected again directly. For example, some countries scarified the environment to develop economic. As a result, their ecosystems put in danger. And then, they have to pour the amount of money which achieving from economic progress into setting up their habitats. Secondly, when some countries concentrate on enhancing economic, they can ignore education and heath which themselves need to be paid attention such as a way to develop economic. If citizens of countries are not educated to become a force of high-level workers, they will be made use of and are paid the little salaries compared to the huge profits that other foreign companies earn. Moreover, they also do not have enough ability to create and innovate which is considered as an essential factor so that poor countries can breakthrough. Finally, when developing economic so much, the budget spent on defense is limited which can cause dangers for security of nations, particularly in the situation in these days.  
In conclusion, while the governments focus on economic progress, I believe that they should spend budget on other fields equally.  (409 words)
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