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Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible to solving this problem. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement.

These days, the rate of overweight children increase significantly which is mainly caused by their unhealthy lifestyle. It is generally believed that schools and parents should share an equal responsibility for pupils’ life. While there are strong arguments in favor of this thinking, I contend that parents are the optimal factor to combat this issue.

To begin with, children habits are likely influenced by their parents because since their early period of life, they have imitated people who they spend most of the time with. Thus, parents should be role model by choosing nutritious food or doing regular exercise, for instance. If a child see his family members prefer healthy food to fast food or play sport rather than a video game, his lifestyle will naturally change better. Moreover, adults should put kids under supervision by limiting the amount of time they spend on screen and mobilizing their sporting activities. If parents guide pupils the right daily routine, they will be the most efficient factor to tackle the unhealthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, school is place where pupils learn academic and elementary knowledge and develop their social skill, team building. Teachers have a limit amount of time for a class with numberous children, hence, they can not actually influence eating habit or activities of an individual student. Furthermore, unlike family, teachers can not control what kids do in their spare time or their diet which is bought by their own money. Physical lessons at school last just a little hours and are unlikely to help improve the way student living in compare to time with family.

By way of conclusion, as primary care takers, parents responsibility is more than that of schools. As well as parents take action against the unhealthy way of living, children lives will efficiently change better and avoid many fatal diseases.

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