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More and more people suffer the bad health problems because of getting overweight. Howerver the issue is caused by many reasons, the societies can take steps to diminish it.

There are many reasons leading to the high rate of people suffering the obesity. The main cause is that people do not spend time on doing exercises. They take most of the free time to use social networks or to do nothing. In addition, most do not want to work-out because they think that practice is not really necessary. Secondly, the vast development of fast food makes it easy for people to have meals without cooking themselves. However that kind of food is especially convenient for officers, it contains a high rate of fat and calories which are the most popular causes of overweight problems. Finally, the unreasonable amount of nutritions in daily meals can also make the ability of obesity happen. All in all, because of the misconcept habit, the matters of weight get worse.

Although the problem is resulted from many reasons there are a lot of solutions mitigating it. For each person, he should spend a space of time, about 25-30 minutes, to do the exercises. This not only helps to prevent the overweight problems from appearing but also makes him feel refresh. For the goverment, they should call the netizens to do the exercises by holding some movements or festivals. For example, the goverment can make a charitable running which usually attracts many runners. So it can help disable people and improve the runners'health matters. In conclusion, the society stands many chances of tackling this issue which has bad effects on people'health.

Lastly, notwithstanding overweight problem is the result of many causes, each individual can find the most suitable way to solve it
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