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 It is true that online-shopping is more common than buying directly in the store and it is becoming a regnant trend in recent years.  While some people consider it as a negative trend, I believe that it is an important and necessary development.
   On the other hand, there are a variety of ideas that the negative aspect outweighs the positive one. The paying tax would be harder to manage so the government could lose a lot of money because there are a lot of online shops are opened everyday even small shops. The market managements would find it difficult to know exactly how many online shops are activating. The second problem is that the quality of products is not guaranteed. For example, some customers complain that they received a product with low quality or even not the purchase they want.
   On the other hand, the trading on the online shops brings more convenient and reduce the emissions of CO2 from the vehicles. Nowadays with the click of a mouse, everything people need will be served by door-to-door delivery. So people could stay at home, access to online shops on the internet and purchase something they like or even from the stores in another country. The second utility is that online-shopping could help to reduce the number of vehicles on the road which leads to restricting the traffic congestion. It will result in limiting the emissions of CO2 from the transport. 


   In conclusion, the changing in the way trading in the society nowadays is a result of technology development, and I believe that this development is desirable.
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It is true that riding a biclycle is not prevalent among many people around the world although cycling is a better way to mitigate environmental contamination than other types of transport.Reasons for this vary, and steps need to be taken to promote the useage of bicycles.

I think that the first sentence which you used "better... than" structure is not correct. Because when you used "a better way" that is a noun, so it cannot connect with "than" . That means you should change a bit, for example "....rather than other types of transport".

"Reasons for this vary" does not make sense and impolite, maybe that should be changed in this way "reasons for this phenomenon will be discussed in this essay and resolutions need to be pointed out to promote the usage of bicycles".

To begin with, there are several reasons why few people use bicycles on a regular basis. 

few people regularly use bicyckes

 Firstly, these days people is often busier than before   ever. Many people have to take responsibility for a mountain of work at their working places; therefore, they want to spend less time on transport as much as possible.

This obviously causes  this is a dominant reason lead them to choose motor vehicles such as motorbikes or cars. 

 Another justification for this problem Another supportive explanation for the phemomenon is that today a number of people lead possess a sedentery lifestyle. 

Using bicycles consumes more energy than   needs more physical demand than  other types of transport, which deters people from choosing this means of transport. 

Firstly, the government should conduct  organize or held  suitable campaigns to raise public awareness of the detrimental  beneficial effects of motor vehicles bicycles on the environment.

thus people cycling can move faster than using the lanes of other types of transport.

thus, cyclists might move easier and faster on such lanes.

Finally, the government can impose heavy taxes on cars and motorbikes, so people will think carefully (excogitate) before buying ones.

In conclusion, the increase in using this environmental friendly vehicle is intractable, andsolutions are available to mitigate the problem. this part of the sentence does not make sense, you should re-wirte this conclusion.

hoping this is useful for you.

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Wow, a very detailed feedback. We really need feedback like this. +1 for your comment. :)
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Online shopping became a lot of relevant within the last decade however offline shopping has existed since the existence of world. the type of business on-line retailers are doing is proof enough that they're providing some edges to clients that offline or brick and mortar stores can’t supply however it’s not as if on-line looking is forcing offline retailers to close retailers instead every of them are providing completely different kind of benefits to a customer and most customers are using each the channels for his or her shopping needs. They are offering best online shopping in Dubai.

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