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It is considered that more taxes should be focused on healthcare, while the others think that there are many aspects needed investing. In my opinion, more investment in healthcare is beneficial but it is necessary to invest in other fields including education and environment as well.

No one can deny that spending money on healthcare services brings numerous benefits about the society. Firstly, there is lower fatal rate in incurable diseases among people. It is clear to see that there are some new vaccines or medicine invented to cure these dangerous diseases which can limit the annual fatal rate. Secondly, the life’s expectancy can be increased in recent years. Thanks to the medicine breakthroughs as well as healthcare services development, citizen’s health is better cared and people can avoid some serious diseases.

However benefits the medical brings, it is necessary to focus more on environmental and educational issues. Firstly, a large amount of money should be spent on preventing environmental pollution. In fact, soil, air and water sources contaminated with polltutants from industrial and agricultural activities can cause a huge damage to our habitat. Therefore, solving these situations required the budget from government. Secondly, supporting for education is essential because it plays an important role to develop every aspect of the society. If more money is invested in raising teaching qualities, the training qualities for students will be considerably improved which can partly contribute into creating high-quality workforce in the future. Moreover, focusing more on education can assist students have motivation in learning and encourage the teachers to make efforts to educating the young generation.

To summary, healthcare investment is vital but there should be a sensible attribute to other fields to make a balance among fields.
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