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Given is the table comparing five separate countries in terms of consumer expenditure on different items in the year 2002. Overall, it is evident that such basic necessities as food, drinks and tobacco as expected accounted for the largest proportion of consumer expenses in all nations surveyed and that Turkish residents were the greatest spenders.

A more detailed look at the table reveals that citizens in all recorded countries spared the majority of their earnings for essential commodities, namely food, drinks and tobacco, among which locals in Turkey and Ireland dominated the chart when spending approximately 30% of their income on these products. The other countries had a quite similar spending level on these goods, ranging from 15.77% to 18.80 %. Regarding other categories, the expenditure levels of surveyed countries were relatively equal, with about 6% allocated for clothing and footwear and 3% dedicated to recreational and educational activities. There were two notable exceptions which were Italy and Spain, while the percentage of Italian consumer expenditure on clothing/ footwear amounted to 9%, the figure for Spain was just 1.98% when it comes to its national spending on leisure/ education.

Moving on to the distribution of spending rates among nations recorded, Turkey and Ireland nearly topped the list of all the categories, followed by Italy and Spain with their nearly similar spending levels on all items, leaving Sweden the last place. This is because residents in Sweden seemed economical  on their expenditure ( only 32.14% for food/drinks/tobacco and 6.63% for clothing/footwear ).
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