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In recent years, a great number of people - at all ages in all places have begun settling down as singletons, particularly in large cities. In my point of view, this tendency could have both positive and negative consequences in equal measure.

               On the one hand, being a solo dweller could be seen as positive for individual reasons. Firstly, living alone makes it possible for people to become independent and self-reliant. People who live singly, for example, have to learn how to cook, declutter, pay bills and take care of themselves, all of which are valuable and essential life skills for everyone. Secondly, living alone relieves us from the burden of responsibilities. We can go solo any time without having the drain and pressure constantly, tedious duites to fulfill. Also, we never have to walk on eggshells around other people.
               On the other hand, the trend of one-person households could be considered from negative angles. To begin with, people who have single life in a long time may experience feelings of lonliness, isolation and wearisome. They miss out on the basic needs of human beings such as daily conversation and emotionally-sharing interaction. Additionally, single people have to take all responsibilities by their own, from the weight of households bills to spontaneous stuffs, and that's why people are sometimes out of control.

               In conclusion, the increasing number of one-person households will have both beneficial and detrimental effects on individuals.
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