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The table demonstrate different spending attitudes towards three sections of goods in 5 distinct countries in the year of 2002.

In general, Turkey had the greatest total expenditure on consumer items amongst 5 nations listed. Additionally, goods in the field of nourishment were the most spent on in these countries .

As can be seen from the table, foodstuff and tobacco accounted for 32,14% of expenditure paid by Turkey, also the highest figure shown in the table and accompanied by 28,91% from Ireland. Sweden was the country that spent the least in this term, with half of Turkey's figure.

It is also obvious that 9% of the Italian expense was paid for garment, while Sweden continued to spend the smallest amount of money on this kind of item, with 5,4%. Other countries,including Ireland, Spain and Turkey, at the same time, paid equally 6% for clothing.

In amusement and schooling expenditure, the lowest figure was found in Spain, which was less than Ireland just 0.2%. Italy and Sweden had similiar figures, about 3%, whereas Turkey once again ranked the highest position in purchasing goods of this category with figure doubled that of Spain. 

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