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Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible for solving this problem. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

With the rapid development of living standard, human beings have a great number of changes in their lives, in particular, children. However, some people believe that because of modern society, this future generation has had unhealthy habits. Handing with the issue is a great task of both parents and teachers. I partly agree with these point of view.

To begin with, families and schools have key roles to play in forming children's lifestyle. Youngsters instinctively imitate and follow behaviors that they see, therefore, adults should firstly set a good mrole model to help a child avoid unhealthy lifetyle. For instance, family does exercise every day together, which not only build a good habit but also help children to stay fit and healthy. Besides, schools should educate pupils about the importance of healthy lifestyle and consequences of bad habits on their health. This measure helps them make right habit choices.

On the other hand, problems about children's lifestyle stem from themselves. During the upbringings stage, children can develop their conscience, which is linked to the ability to tell right from wrong. It means that they can understand the difference between good and bad habits.  The question arises as to whether or not they avoid unhealthy habits.  Adutls, for example, teach them that sendentary lifestyle is bad for their health, but the fact remains that most of children still spend amount of time glueing their eyes to the screen because of useless programs.

In conclusion,  although familes and schools are major keys to deal with difficulties with children’s habits, youngsters themselves are aware of the importance of good syle of living. Hence, parents and teachers need equip them necessary knowledge and useful experiences.

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đã hỏi 11 Tháng 7, 2016 trong Opinion bởi Phạm Hồng Linh (11 điểm)
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I think that children build habitat not only from their parents and teachers, but also from their friends. So, we can add 1 idea about that schools should organize teamwork activity for pupils in order that children discuss together about their habitat. Finally, teachers will congratulate good habitat and offer advice to them with bad habitat

Theo bạn, bài viết này được bao nhiêu "chấm" ?
đã góp ý 12 Tháng 7, 2016 bởi Cỏ Cỏ (12 điểm)
được bầu chọn là bài viết hay nhất 12 Tháng 7, 2016 bởi Phạm Hồng Linh
Yes thank you your comments. It's a good idea. I'll add it. What about my structure, my words or grammar?

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