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In the era of technology, the appearance of the internet changes the habit of people for accessing the news which is from the newspaper into the online sources. Some people believe that despites the flourishing of the internet, people still use the traditional newspaper to get updated while the opponents do not support  this idea. I agree with the latter because of some reasons which will be discussed in this essay.

Firstly, the online news is more updated and easy to spread out while the newspaper is limitedly published. The strength of the internet is that it could bring the information from the whole world to your place through the computer window with the internet connection. For example, the decision of the UK for leaving the European Union was globally and immediately public after the result of citizen’s survey was announced from the Birmingham palace. This decision received a variety of reaction from the government of a number of countries and the stock market on the same day and the following day. This is impossible decades ago because of the limited of information delivery. Using newspaper takes a lot of time to print and deliver to the readers.

Secondly, online news is friendly environmental tool while the newspaper is not. In order to print the news on the paper, it requires having materials such as paper and ink. These materials are produced by destroying the nature such as cutting tree and ink industrial production. Cutting the tree for papers production causes a series of serious problems in developing countries such as deforestation and erosion. Further, ink industry catalyzes the air by polluting the air. However, articles written on the online paper can save the cost for materials. Besides, it also provides friendly interaction such as vivid video and pictures. Thus, using the power of the internet to spread the news to the readers is a good way to protect our mother nature.

Thirdly, the friendly and easy access to the internet brings the chance for a number of people sharing the same interest to communicate without the spatial and time barriers. For instance, the issue of Brexit could be easy discussed by a several economists, politicians, and citizens on the page of Economists Journal no matter where they come from and when they read the article. Those people could also express their opinion to provide the multidimensional view which the following readers could easily understand carefully.

As discussed above, the news from the online source has a lot of advantages; however, it is undeniable that there are some disadvantages needed to be fixed such as censorship. For example, because of the openness of the internet access, people could easily provide wrong information to get the benefit such as the fake prediction of the price of the stock market in the following day. Another example is that too many ideas could lead to confusion for readers.

In short, newspapers are gradually replaced by online paper because of its updated and convenience. However, it is necessary to censor the accuracy of the information which requires the high awareness of the readers as well.
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