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Bai IELTS task 2 - Cycling is more environmental friendly than other forms of transport. Why is it not popular in many places and how to increase its popularity?

In our contemporary life, increasing the bike using has been one of the most useful ways to protect the living condition caused by the carbon dioxide emission from the moving engines like cars or motorbikes. It is true that the method has not been pervasive in many places of the world. This trend has been resulted by several causes and the government can take steps to mitigate these to occurs.

As the economy develop, several sources of reasons can be attributed. First and foremost, this method of travelling is quite inconvenient in the big cities where people have to move a long distance to workplace from their place. In addition, the authority maybe failure to convince his residents ride bike when they have enough economic condition to purchase cars, especially in the developed countries. While the number of cars use increase, the space for bike riders would be decrease. Finally, people do not put the using bike as the environmental solution or they are not educated about the importance of protecting the fresh air by the small action like cycling.

There are several actions that the government could take to solve the problems describe above. Firstly, the authority should improve the public transport system such as underground, bus or train net that gather residents in several stations, which is convenient for riding bike to go there. Another solution could be seen by automatic hiring bicycles appears everywhere that people can combine public traffic, walking and cycling. Secondly, the government should invest in education regarding environment protection. People should be aware of the importance of their small actions on general environment. Therefore, not only they respect cycling even though they are affordable to buy the private cars, they also the huge drivers for the next generations.

In conclusion, various measures can be taken to tackle the problems, which are certain to arise due to the mentioned reasons. It is recommended that investigation on public traffic and education are the positive solutions that the government could concern.
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