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ĐỀ bài:Write an essay (150 - 300 words) about this topic:

Most countries spend a large amount of money in weapons to defend themselves though they are not at war. They should spend money to help the citizens in poor and disadvantaged countries. Discuss.

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Today every country try to buy high tech weapons and equip their military with them, even though they are in peace. It is clear that technology change everything also weapon, so old weapons do not good any more. Some people say instead of span a lot of budget on weapons and military, we should pay attention to poor citizen and help them. This idea has both advantage and disadvantage.

Security is most highest priority in every country. A country can develop their economy, help to their poor citizen and so on when they are be in pace. A country without a strong military is witness and might attached by enemies and terrorists. Terrorist threat is the one of the reason for allocation most budget in military. Although, having a big military and high tech technology weapons causes countries ready for start a war.

On the other hand, if a country has a strong military without good economic, it will be danger. Witness economic causes increasing rate unemployment, increasing crimes in society and people do not feel safe anymore, so country become poor more every day. Therefore, this country is starving for foods or starting a war, such as poor country in Africa like Somali. However, spend most of budget for poor citizen without attention to military has a same result.

To sum up, in my view every country needs a powerful military and in same time a country must has a great economic so they must have balance between them.

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There is no doubt that military and national defense are important and essential parts of every country. However, the government should also pay out for settling the social problems in their regions as well as helping the developing nations.

Security is the highest priority in every country. It is rewarding to spend a large proportion of national budget on armies for countries to defend themselves and protect their citizens. Terror threat is a vital reason to develop the military field. For instance, to cope with IS terrorist organization which is very dangerous and formidable, improving well-qualified armies with modern weapons is of top priority.

Nevertheless, a huge amount of money which can help millions of poor and sick (low score vocabulary) impoverished  people is spent for military’s facilities and weapons. For example, an expenditure for a tank can save thousands of people who arestarving, ill or poorly educated. Moreover, if these social problemsould be completely terminated, some issues such as violence, commotion and terror could be solved as well.

On the other hand, as a result of helping disadvantaged countries, not only can the law and order be regularly established and maintained but also the national governments can solve some serious international problems such as environmental pollution, infectious diseases and overpopulation which demands the cooperationof all countries in the world.

In conclusion, every country must focus and balance on both the military and social budget to protect, improve and develop not only an individual region but also the international livelihood.

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