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Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In learning about life, the advice of family is more important than personal experience. Please provide specific reasons, details and examples to support your response.

In learning about 
life, the way we solve problems has made our lives much more enjoyable, more fabulous and more unforgettable than ever. Some believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice of family when other choose to experience individually. In my opinion, as a matter of consequence, the preferable way to learn about life is to combine both methods together, because after experienced personally and listened to the wisdom and comfort from family, you can learn hard lessons from it. 
To begin with, it’s easy to say that personal preference is considered a criterion in this topic, so many prefer learning by reading. In other words, they can learn a lot of academic knowledge from books, magazines, texts, but only reading is not enough to obtain experience completely. For example, people wouldn’t know what carefulness is after being stolen in crowed fairs. Vice versa, you would have never known how beautiful it is if you had listened to your parent, stayed at home all day and not participated in any fair at all. This is how we learn about both from personal experience and family’s advice. Furthermore, personal experiences would bring people useful knowledge gained through their life, thus it would relate to their own. 
Moreover, our life is full of big struggles and sometimes we have to make a big decision. It’s time to listen to the advice of family who can give you some tips to avoid getting into troubles or even risks due to the lack of understanding and experience because we are still too young to get a lot of experiences in a short time. For example, when I first had a job while I was a student and I knew nothing about the working environment, my parent and sisters who have worked at the office taught me how to get familiar with working environment and achieve a good work result. Therefore, I could have a favorable start and avoid many initial mistakes at work. It’s clearly to see that time was shortened at least a few months or years from what I need to experience by myself to talking with my family. 
The last reason is you cannot believe completely in their points of view because you and your situation are certainly different from others. Therefore, we will be confused by their opinions that we don’t know what is wrong, what needs to listen to. Thus, with personal experience and family’s advice, we can combine both to determine exactly right thing to do in our situation. 
In short, what I like to say is that both personal experience and advice from parents guide us how to deal with life. Every method has been used in certain circumstance not only to guarantee a better decision but also help you implement knowledge or create an individual stamp.

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