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Zoos seems to become more common today. It’s not difficult to find a zoo in any city. However, do we really need zoos? In my perspective, I believe that zoos a necessary for both human and animals. The reasons are that zoos can protect endangered species, educate children about nature and help people relax.

Zoos protect wild animal from the danger of nature life. Since the development of human has taken away  the lands used to be home of animals, it’s difficult for them to find a safe and seperated place to live. The food condition outside also shrinks. Lots of animals died because of famine. Therefore, if we take them to the zoo and take care of them, these animals don’t have to worry about the catastrophic world in nature. Although zoos may not the most perfect home, at least they keep those animals in safe.

 Zoos actually have a big role in education. Zoo can teach children that we should love and protect animal. When I was a little girl  ten years ago, my parents often took me to the zoo. They told me about the names of different kinds of animals. They showed me how poor these animals  were. Those things have a positive influence on my personality. In addition, zoos can also give children more knowledge of natural life through the habits of animals they see in the zoos. Indeed, zoo is a very helpful tool to educate children.

 Zoos are also perfect places for people to visit and relax. There’s a scientific stating that playing with animals can help us get rid of stress. Whenever I am depressed or down in the dumps, I often go the zoos and play with monkeys. They are so cute, and the most important thing is playing with them help me forget all difficulties which brought me down. I also meet lots of people come to the zoos to relax after their hard day at work or school.

 For those reasons, I assert that zoos are needed not only for people but also for animals. 

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