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This pie chart and table illustrated the impact of human activities on erosion all over the world. The pie chart showed the contribution from different sources while the table showed the details for some regions.

Firstly, the pie chart showed the three main reasons  which destroyed land, i.e. tree cutting, grass planting,   and agricultural activities. The impact level of each cause was not quietly different in percentage. The over-grazing accounted for the highest percentage (35%), whereas deforestation accounted for less than 5%. Although making up 28%, agricultural activities stayed in the third position. Other reasons only took part in approximately 7%.

As can be seen from the table, the area of degraded land is untypical in each region. At the peak of all, it was Europe which provided 23 %. In comparison, North American and Oceania only represented 5% and 13% respectively. The proportion in each area did not have a common tendency also. The highest impact on land destroying in Europe came from deforestation (9.8/23%) while in two remaining areas, the source was from planting grass. Especially, in Oceania, farmer did not contribute to  the soil degration. That was a really an optimistic sign.

The booming of global citizens puts pressure on the nature of which the ground is a necessary factor. Human should balance between development and environmental protection before everything becomes too late.
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