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Environment is always the topic that is discussed everyday. Nowadays, ecosystem is polluted seriously day by day. One of the important problems now is the earth natural resources are exploited excessively. If we do not sovle it on time, apocalypse will come true.

There are effects that are caused by exploiting unreasonably:

Frist, affect atmosphere. Day by day the earth is more warming, ice melts more, sea- level is increasing. What is cause?deforestation- excessively exploit forest destroys plants, animals's habitation and changes climate of the world. Atmosphere is polluted because no have trees that take cacbonic anh make fresh air.

second, affect plants and animals. More animals and plants are extinced because losting habitation. Huting so much is illegal. Rhino is the great example. The last rhino was killed and now rhino is extinced. more anh more animals are endanger such as elephant, pardofelis nebulosa, gibbon so on.

Third, affect the marine ecosystem. Fishing with dynamite to have a huge number that destroy ocean and other marines. Moreover, Finshing with dynamite causes polluted water. Huting shark,whale,dolphin contributes to damage the various marine ecosystem.

what should we do to protect the natural resources , improve environment and prevent wasting natural resources ?

First, we should create new laws to ban exploiting unreasonably.

Second, we must propaganda to public know that do not wast the natural resources and use them reasonable.

Third, we must save environment from pollution of exploiting.

Fourth, Improving environment by plant trees and save energy.

In brief, the world natural resources are limmited so we should not consume at an over-increased rate. Nature is assiation with environment. Destroying nature is destroying environment. Protect them is protect our future , our life.
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