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Topic: It is more important for schoolchildren to learn about local history than world history. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




          History is a sound basis of today's life because it marks special milestones and creates the present society. Students must learn about history to raise their awarenss of how their predessors struggled in the past and help develop hometown stronger. It is agreed that teaching local history should be paid more attention than the world history. To prove this true, the essentialness of letting children know about their surroundings and the demand of introducing our country to international friemds will be analyzed.


          For one, it is entirely indespensable to every citizen to find out about the place they are living and being raised up. For example, parents living in Hanoi always tell stories of the Dien Bien Phu battle in the air, and children in Lang Son are taught about the Chi Lang combat. Learning about local history, which is very close to schoolchildren leads them to admiration that they will increase love of their country. Therefore, it is paramount to educate school students to widen their knowledge of nation.


          Additionally, understanding the glorious past of the country makes us confident in front of foreigners. The history-telling competition held in Ho Chi Minh City plays a good example here. In this contest, Vietnamese contestants won the championship by representing the heroic fighting spirit and the supreme sacrifice of Vietnamese soldiers. This illustration has again affirmed that local history should be attached more importance than the whole world historical events.


          In summary, children is encouraged to learn first about local and national history to bring into play the nation's traditions of loving country. It is thus agreed that children must be instructed to approach local history before study the world history.

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1, phải là predecessor nhé

2, learn history (bỏ about)

3, awareness nhé

3, help to develop

4, t tra không có từ essentialness chỉ có essentiality : Yếu tố cần thiết

5, nên có dấu "," ở giữa children và lead , thêm the trước admiration

6, children are encouraged

7, before+ Ving , before studying
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