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Strong restriction for noise is a very controversy matter. Some individuals do not get irritated by noise but some do. In my view, noise result in many consequences and need to be stopped. However, I will consider both points of view in this essay.

On one hand, living in a noisy environment has many disadvantages. First of all, for children, noise pollution can cause a lot of problem in their early life. For example, if a family lives by a construction site, the mechanical sound of tractors or trucks can distract the child from studying or doing any daily routine. In the long term, this can cause permanent mental disease such as ADHD or autism. Furthermore, adults can also be victims. Many researches have proven that loud sounds account for over 50 percent of sleep deprivation cases.

On the other hand, some noise happen spontaneously and are unavoidable. For instance, noise emmitted from building areas. These places have to operate at night for the inconvenience during the day, because citizens move about the space a lot, accidents involving them can inevitably occur.

All in all, there are many different opinions on the problem of noise making. Nevertheless, I think there should be particular methods to limit the consequences  instead of implying unreasonable restriction on the source of the sounds.
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