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A poor infrastructure hinders under-developed countries from progress and modernising. Some people think that this should be the first problem tackled by foreign aid. To what extend do you agree with this opinion?

It is true that foreign aid is very necessary for developing economies of the underdeveloped countries, therefore, I completely agree with the idea that international aid plays an importance to promote economies and progress societies in poor countries.

Firstly, foreign assistance may supply budget for promoting economic development and welfare in low and middle-income countries through aid projects such as ODA capital loan. This capital resource will support to build infrastructure such as transportation systems, water and power systems. In addition, these projects will require a large number of the human resource such as workers, engineers. Therefore, citizens in aid recipient countries will have many job opportunities and their income will be increased markedly. Furthermore, developing transportation system will also help to extend trade and production, and, as a result, the economic growth of the host countries will rise up.

Secondly, besides supporting large-scale projects in infrastructure, roads and airports, the foreign aid also focuses on direct assistance for disadvantaged people through the granting of non-refundable aid for the education and healthcare sectors. The aid, worth the millions of dollar, aims to expand health care centers, build primary and secondary schools and provide medical equipment for hospitals in the recipient countries. Thanks to non-refundable aid, the society will be progress through the elimination of illiteracy and disease prevention for the poor. For example, economic growth in China, India, Korea, and many other countries along with public investments in health, education, and infrastructure have powered the most rapid improvement in living standards in world history. Aid has played an enormous role in those gains.

In conclusion, international aid is very useful for poor countries in developing infrastructure such as transportation, education and healthcare. Development aid has long been recognized as crucial to help poor developing nations grow out of poverty.

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Hello there,

Your essay is really good in terms of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. I just want to discuss with you about the idea of this topic.

Based on your essay, you answered the question by completely agree with the statement. I feel like your focus on this essay is all about foreign aid. However, in my opinion, the question asks about the infrastructure  which can be paraphased as 'do you agree that foreign aid should only focus on infrastructure instead of other aspects, such as health care or education?"

Therefore, according to your discussion, we should partly agree with the statement because foreign aid need to pay its attention to health care and education system as well.

What do you think? Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Theo bạn, bài viết này được bao nhiêu "chấm" ?
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Ak bạn ui, câu hỏi có cả ý A poor infrastructure hinders under-developed countries from progress and modernising, cho nên tớ hiểu 1 đất nước có nền tảng cơ sở tốt  (  infrastructure - cấu trúc hạ tầng cơ sở phải bao gồm giao thông, giáo dục và y tế) thì xã hôi và nền kinh tế mới phát triển được. Điều này cũng ko nằm ngoài mục đích của AID. Nên tớ mới thêm giáo dục và y tế vào ở body 2 để củng cố  lập luận của mình. Tớ ko cho rằng infrastructure trong câu hỏi này chỉ là giao thông , điện, nước như từ điển thông thường.

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