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TOPIC task 2 của tuần này ngày 08/10/2015 :

In some countries, secondary schools aim to provide a general education across a range of subjects. In others, children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to a particular career. Which of these two systems is more appropriate in today's world?



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Bài mẫu Band 8.0 cho đề Task 2 tuần này: 08/10/2015 đến từ IPP IELTS

In some countries, secondary schools aim to provide a general education across a range of subjects. In others, children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to a particular career.

Which of these two systems is more appropriate in today’s world?


Secondary school curricula have drawn major public attention to their spectrum of subjects. While an education program containing a wide range of subjects would be beneficial to some extent, I firmly believe that a career-oriented one would be a better choice.

A curriculum providing general knowledge of diverse subjects benefits secondary students in different ways. The most obvious benefit is that students could gain the overview of a wide range of subjects, helping them grasp an overall understanding of different aspects of life and develop essential personal skills. Without the general knowledge of Math, writers, singers, and actors would find daunting difficulties in managing their family or personal finance. Vice versa, economists whose expertise is in Math and Finance would fail to explain socio-economic matters if they do not have a background in social sciences. Another clear benefit is that an education program with various subjects empowers students with essential orientation to determine their career passions which seldom come into shape during their teenage years. Students have the opportunities to get exposed to and engaged in various subjects to identify their occupation fields of interest.

However, I am of the opinion that a specialized training curriculum is a better choice because it would facilitate secondary students’ future career preparation. The primary reason is that such a training program allows students to nurture in-depth knowledge and skills in the occupation that they set their heats on, paving a way for major professional advances. In the current overwhelmingly competitive labor market, having a profound insights into a particular field would endow young students with ultimate advantages over other candidates, and, hence, provide them with brighter job opportunities. Secondly, an education program with a strong focus on profession-oriented modules can maximize students’ study efforts and investment. In the era of overloading information, concentrating on a few subjects would be the wisest learning way which could guarantee the usefulness and fruitfulness of investment in education.

In conclusion, while the option of teaching diverse subjects has its merits, I contend that specialized training system provides favorable education and optimal professional preparation for secondary students to lead successful career paths.


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While I accept that the a wide range of subjects could be more beneficial for secondary pupils, I believe that a smart-choiced combination of official curriculum might have better effects on the learners’ future.

On the one hand, school might be generally always thought as an essential place to provide students with general knowledge. Therefore, many diverse fields as Maths, Science, Literature, and foreign languages are considered to help the young generation be well-prepared for life. Real applications require a great amount of knowledge in various aspects. For examples, to communicate skillfully, one person at least has basic awareness of the outside infomation and politeness, which is usually taught at school.

On the other hand, specific subjects that are wisely-chosen based on particularly personal passions and motivations would be effectively helpful for future preparation.  With the development of digital devices and technologies, the dynamic youngster can easily approach the manificantly increasing knowledge of almost every topics. Á a matter of facts, schools and teachers recently in the 21st century would play a more important role in long-term orientation. Mastering some skills that teenagers are passionate about would be less time-consuming to be successful.

In short, more subjects in secondary school can be understood as more chances to find out one’s interests. However, I believe to recognise the students’ real need soon would creat more potential success for them. Choosing necessary subjects from secondary would be a wiser choice for not only secondary school but also high school in this developing century.
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Educational methodology has evolved as major topic of concern today’s society, typically in training program of secondary institutions. I contend that supplying a general knowledge in variety of subjects for secondary students is a greater measure than only teaching specific subjects in relation to particular occupations.

I accept that there are certain benefits while secondary schools only concentrate on a few particular curriculums. The primary reason is that such a form of education could provide profound knowledge about scientific branches so that learners could soon find out suitable pathways for themselves in future. In addition, due to studying a narrow range of disciplines which not only relieves studying pressure compared with simultaneously learning a large number of issues but also reduces schools’ expenditure in hiring more lecturers to cater other extrinsic themes. However, that is just the tip of iceberg.

I confirm that educating universal comprehension in multiple fields of society is a more appropriate method to coach secondary school pupils. From this perspective, students who still not fully develop their awareness as well as have intensive abilities to deal with most complicated situations in life, are easily susceptible by external factors since they are not taught how to solve such problems in classroom. Besides, if educating departments did not transform necessary expertise with regard to ameliorating personality together with social interaction, their pupils would face many severe difficulties when approaching real circumstances. In rare cases, even though they could not distinguish between assaulting activities and other useful behaviors.

In conclusion, although transferring peculiar proficiency in secondary schools generates several profitable impacts for the prosperity of community, there is a stronger influence once providing diversified perception in many areas, because students should need comprehensive development in both academy and personality.


Hope to receive valuable comments from fellowers. Thanks 

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In many countries, a narrow-ranging school curriculum is being adopted instead of the traditional broad one. To my belief, it is better for student to stay focused on their job-related subjects .


More and more people are sharing the same thoughts that the old general educational system is no longer suitable in today’s world. In some countries, the amount of knowledge in so many fields ranging from science to art-related students are made to undertake is such that it becomes impossible to absorb all. Moreover, many students find it hard and frustrating when having to learn subjects that they hold little or no interest in. Consequently, it is a sad fact that little of the knowledge actually remains after graduation, implying a great deal of time and efforts being wasted which otherwise can be devoted to the study of other aspects.


Therefore, I strongly believe that a more specialized educational system where students are encouraged to concentrate on their majors should be promoted. On this occasion, students have greater opportunities to receive tuition and gain insights into particular professions they choose to follow, resulting in a generation better equipped with sufficient in-depth knowledge to meet the high employer demand. For example, a student who sets his heart on becoming a scientist find math and science-related subjects fascinating and intriguing, while another would love to take fine art courses in pursuit of the dream of being an artist.


Though one can not deny the importance of basic general knowledge, a career-oriented curriculum is deemed as more appropriate and will help create an ideal environment for children to flourish.


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In recent years, some countries have designed secondary school curriculum which orientates students in a specific profession. However, it is my belief that students should have the chance to learn a wide range of subjects.

To begin with, at age between 11 and 15, students are too young to decide on a specific career to follow. Not only do these students not possess essential knowledge and skills, but their personalities do also not fully developed, whereas the requirement of every job is various. Accordingly, general education across a range of subjects provides students more opportunities to learn about different fields, so they are able to understand which career they want and can pursue in the future. Moreover, at that age, the particular career of children could be chosen by their parents. Therefore, it would not be appropriate for the children’s natural ability and desire because parents are prone to expect their children to focus on the fields which they love or consider being more important.

Secondly, at secondary level, the knowledge and skills in all fields provided are necessary for students to study further and in normal life. These knowledge and skills of these disciplines can complement each other. To illustrate, scientists need literature skills to present ideas and write scientific reports more clearly. On the other hand, it is undeniable that math is indispensable, even for writers. With mathematic skills, people can calculate the area of their house as well as taxes, or balance the accounts in every day.

In conclusion, giving secondary students a chance to learn a wide range of subjects is more desirable. I am convinced that educational program which provides knowledge of a major subject could be applied in high school or higher education when students are able to make as well as take responsibility for their decision.
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In many countries, middle schools’ curriculums are designed to provide students with job-related courses.While this way of teaching has its own benefit, I would argue that children should give priority to focus on studying a variety of subjects.


Firstly, children at secondary schools are too young to recognise their interest in a particular field.In other words, teaching students various subjects will give a guidance to them on defining their passions and choosing professional careers in the future.Due to the fact that youths often change their concerns quickly, this teaching method will help them considering carefully for occupations.For instance , at a certain time ,children wanted to be a police officer as they enjoyed watching the CSI which is an American police procedural TV drama.But then , they also dreamt to be a singer as a result of their favourite pop star is Taylor Swift.


Secondly , general knowledge are indispensable for students in society.Owing to the lack of many essential  learning  of a number of children,.For example, many children confused when they were asked how high the Mount. Everest was or where is Ha Long Bay was located. So the secondary schools’ involvement in teaching students diverse subjects will enable them to know more about the entire world.Moreover , students learning  a vast variety of subjects at school sometimes have profounder insights than who merely stay focused on their majors.

In conclusion , there is a vigorous debate on which system is more superior.It is firm belief that pay attention to educate children with a majority of subjects is likely to be more appropriate in our community.

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The adolescent phase is a fundamental and integral stage in life which has a profound impact in the character formation procedure while the young is likely to be prey to social evils and convict. From my perspective, the perpetrators who turn over a new leaf can assist the young to heighten the most aware of the hazard of criminal by their own and unique experiences and lessons.

To commence with, supporting the adolescent to perceive the gravity of the crime, schools and community organizations open up the talk whose the experts illustrate the upshot. Nevertheless the speeches use not to engage the attention of the audience because the young assess the speeches as the one is magnified, theoretical and cliché. Furthermore,  only by the criminal, do the young possess a chance to listen the real stories about the dark stage which insist of the factors pushing them to convict which is partly identical to what the young can suffer. As a replacement for expressing the consequences, the perpetrator can talk about what they experience in life and in jail after practicing the crime. Not only do they debate about how they are treated by family, friends and prisoner but they confer also how they feel about that which is inconceivable and obsess the teenagers.

Initially, there is tremendous spectrum type of dissemination the lessons to avoid undertaking the wrongdoing which is fairly pervasive and uninteresting. More remarkably, the majority of the young has a negative attitude towards these lessons which is contrast to the conversation with criminal which is non-academy, empirical and appealing. Only by paying attention to the talk with the criminal, the young can gain the diversity and distinctive lessons which the convicts detect and conclude or subsequent to catching what the criminal say or through the determination process to turn a new leaf, they can create their own lessons. To terminate, it is unquestionable that these lessons is more successful than the lessons on mass media.

In conclusion, however uphill the education of conscious of crime’s threat is, there are always technique to do by the influence of the reform offender.



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