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To a certain extent, I agree that we need to establish clear methods to punish children and teach them distinguish between right and wrong things at a certain age. However, I object the use of physical punishment and I believe there are still many other sorts of strict disciplines.

On the one hand, I consider shool and family as a "small society" for children at which they should be both equipped skills and knowledge to becomme a good citizen; careness and humiliation to know how to empathize with other people. However, there might be due to lack of strick disciplines in schools or some unstable family background, not many childrens know how to behave in a right way. For that reason, I strongly believe that while society needs laws to regulate its citizens, schools and families need to set up some disciplines to prevent children from later bad behaviour.

On the other hand, I can understand why some people argue on punishments among children. This might come from the fact that more teachers or even parents still punish children by coporal which is the root cause of fear and anger. Children may be influenced by the frequent abuse of violence and are prone to be criminals or drug addictors in the future.

However, we still have ways to prevent it with other right sorts of punishments at a certain reasonable age. First, schools must set up a clear code of conduct for every student to obey. Teachers should be allowed to punish their students through some levels of warnings like sending notification to parents or objections to attending classes in a certain period of time if they violate any items of this regulation. Second, parents should be a good moral example for their children. Parents should forbid their children to make bad relationships or take up bad hobbies. A kindergarden, in contrary, doesnot need any sort of punishments as children at this age are still so innocent to suffer from any kinds of disciplines. Teaching this group of age about right or wrong is more simple by advising them to keep ther surroundings clean, to say "thank you", "please" and to be obedient.

In conclusion, it is neccessary to have right sorts of punishments among children at a reasonalbe age; schools and families must take responsibilites in teaching them to become a good citizen for our society.
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