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It is true that traffic jam is increasing significantly and this problem is becoming hugier and hugier for most of the big countries. In my opinions, this problem have to be declined because it is a global issue and most people, especially who live there, are suffering severely.

On off the main reasons for traffic congestion is that the minority of commuters do not prefer using public transportation instead of their own cars. However, it is not impossible to find effective and efficient ways to control these chaos. The governments should charge transportation fees dramaticailly for who want to own vehicles individually. For instance, there is a variety of fees related to every cars in Vietnam from buying to using such as ...

Another solution to solve the problems of traffic congestion is encouragement of using public transportation to travel more frequently. This method could be applied effectively if the authorities made an efford to develop public transportation systems sufficiently. Moreover, not only the ticket price must be decrease reasonablely, but also the service must be better.

In conclusion, although the congestion is a big issue, it can be tackled by improving public transportation and by charging drivers who own those vehicles.
Rating: 8.60
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