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It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them to learn this distinction.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

What sort of punishment should parents and teachers be allowedt o use to teach good behavior to children? 


One important stage in a child’s growth is certainly the development of conscience, which is linked to the ability of tell right from wrong. It raised the question about whether punishment should be allowed to use as a measure in educating children. I personally believe that some forms of punishment are essential and should be permitted.

To some extent, punishment can be considered as a supplemented method to discipline children. People who oppose punishment claim that it exerts a detrimental influence on children’s psychology therefore children may lose their self-confidence and even develop hatred to society. However, they seem to overcomplicate the situation. Actually, parents and teachers do not simply punish children. At first, they have to explain to their children why what they have done is wrong and what kind of person they are supposed to be. Punishment, after that, is used as an extra method to make children remember the lessons. At the result, children are more likely to understand the circumstances rather than mere education by words. It is because the cost people pay for their mistakes makes the lesson they learned memorable.

Although punishment teaches children the concept of responsibility, the one should keep in mind that it should not be of a physical nature. The type of punishment depends upon the type of mistakes children have done. Parents and teachers at first should take children into confidence and make them aware of their wrongly doing first. If they go on repeating their wrong deeds, a sanction is needed. There is a variety of methods such as not talking to them, keeping them isolated for a certain period, withdrawal of privilege and time out are the ways to discipline the young charges. Making the punishments fit the crime is another useful notion, which could see children being to pick up their dropped, clean up the graffiti they drew or apology someone they hurt. In this way, properly imposed punishment will help to develop a sense of responsible.

To conclude, punishment is necessary for children education since it teaches children to be responsible and is an effective method. 

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