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Some industrial countries have serious environmental problem. The damage to the environment is an inevitable result when a country tends to improve the standard of living. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The recent decades have seen an astonishing increase in serious environmental problem. Particularly in developing countries, industrialization has been causing amount of damage to the nature. It is agree that this severe issue is unavoidable consequence of living-standard improvement. The reasons for this are as follows.

Firstly, industrial manufacturing requires whole of the natural resources. For example, to generate adequate electricity for daily use and production, thermo-electric power companies have to exploit a great deal of fossil fuel such as goal, oil and gas. Consequently, these non-renewable sources are becoming exhausted rapidly and eventually disappear. In addition, many companies need soil to build up their factories and infrastructures which definitely leads to the dramatic decrease in forest areas and then number of value animals. Thus, shortage of natural resources is inevitable to meet the necessary demand of the modern world.

Secondly, industrial emission and waste are certain as well as hard to keep in control. Even though many reduction measures have been applied, the level of exhaust fumes is still extremely excess. This is because there are significant number of factories and they have been working simultaneously for a long period. Moreover, solid rubbish eliminated from production is mass so much as it does not have enough space to contain and dispose. Therefore, the environmental pollution is continuing and even worsening than ever along with the development in the standard of living .

In conclusion, human activities in the industrial world undeniably have a negative impact on the environment. We should admit this fact straightly in order to come up with relevant methods to ameliorate the current situation.

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