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TOPIC task 2 ngày 12/09/2015 :

Fewer and fewer people walk on a daily basis. What are the reasons and how to encourage them to spend their time walking?


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It is true that few people keep up walking as a daily habit in recent times. There are various reason for this and both residents and institution need to work to gether to improve the situation.

Two main reasons lead to the phenomenon people are lazy in walking. Firstly, public transport system and vehicles such as car, motorbike, bike…  helping everyone even poor can travel so conveniently and fast rather than going on foot. For example, walking to the office costs a half hour while you take just 10 minutes or less  to go to and from work by car. Secondly, not public roads owns enough space for walkers. As a result,  commuters can get hurt when walking on street without paved area.

In fact, walking should be encouraged as an effective method to cut off the polluted emission that is caused by traffic vehicles. There are many measures to support people that retain the good habit, increasing transportation tax and fees is one of way. If the institution can raise  some charge, namely parking charge or road maintenance fees, it will limit inhabitants using vehicle. Regardless of economical solution, setting up private area only for commuters by foot is consider as a way to ensure people ‘s safe when they go out. Besides, some activities like walkathon or distinct space like  walking street or night market where those using equipage is banned will contribute to stimulate spiritually walking routine for residents, particularly young people.

In conclusion,  it is clear that there are a range of senses for disappearing walking routine and steps need to be taken to tackle this problem.
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It is true that these days, the number of people walking everyday has decreased significantly. This essay will discuss the reasons of the phenomenon and measures governments and individuals can take to address the problems.

Two of the most major reasons for people to walk less nowadays are the modernization of the life’s utilities and people’s limitation of time spending on exercising activities. Firstly, the expansion of car industry and the innovation to make life easier such as the elevator lead to the fact that people tend to be lazier in physical activities, which may have a negative effect on both the human’s physical appearance and health. Furthermore, people are also busier day by day, which has narrowed their time for taking exercises or simply just walk slowly to relax.

Governments could certainly make more efforts to reduce this tendency. They could impose tax on cars, especially for the rich or limit the time of using these vehicles and encouraging people to walk to work more. They could also introduce new laws to promote enterprises to build fewer elevators in the company or even to restrict people from the first to the third floors to use them.

Individuals should also take the responsibility for this problem. They can take public transport rather than driving the car, spend more time on simple exercises such as walking from the bus stops to the office or even from home to the working place if possible. In developed countries, walking streets are mostly available and anyone can take advantages of these streets to walk in their free time.

In conclusion, both national governments and individuals could play their part in encouraging each person to walk daily to improve their physical appearance and health.        

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Recently, a decreasing number of people have been inclined to have a walk in everyday life. This essay aims to clarify the possible reason for this phenomenon as well as to suggest ways of addressing it.

Firstly, amongst several reasons associated with a growing unwillingness to take a walk, the most significant of which is wasting time. Nowadays, people become busier and busier; hence they have to optimize the time which allocated for moving. They prefer using escalators or elevators than stairs in buildings; or driving cars than walking to their workplace because they feel unnecessary to waste time for travelling. Furthermore, longer and longer distance which we have to move everyday has compounded the problem. In the past, people tend to accept jobs which are near to their whereabouts while working 20 kilometers and more away or in a different city is not an uncommon thing nowadays. For example, my colleague who lives in Binh Duong province must travel 100 kilometers everyday by motorbike to work in Hochiminh city.

In order to promote walking, there are some feasible solutions to be adopted. The most practical solution would be to encourage people using stairs instead of those technological applications which support travelling. Moreover, the company leaders should implement some incentives such as bonus or gifts in order to promote the benefits of walking. Another solution might be recommending that authorities should raise people’s awareness about the importance of walking as well as build more infrastructures for pedestrian.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned facts illustrate why people dislike walking. However, I am convinced that these measures suggested above would encourage more and more people walking.
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There has been a decline in the number of people keeping the habits of having a frequent walk every day. This essay will analyze the culprits of this phenomenon and suggest possible ways to tackle it.

The main reason leading to a growing reluctance to take a walk is this fast-paced life. Since people are getting busier at work and school, they tend to optimize their moving time by using escalators or cars instead of walking. With that enormous amount of time saved, they can devote to completing their given tasks and assignments. Another contributing reason for people's unwillingness to walk is bad infastructures, including poor quality pavements and faded zebra crossings. These problems might immensely diminishes people's travelling satisfaction and pose potential risks especially to those suffering bad eyesights.

Though taking a daily walk heavily on individual preferences, the mass media and the government can take several steps to address this issue. Via television, the Internet and other forms of communication, walking can be promoted as an affordable and effective way of workout for people of all walks of life. These broadcasters can also illustrate the underlying risks of sedentary activities, such as obesity and hypertension. Futhermore, the government needs to join hand by upgrading facilities to provide residences with safer and more enjoyable walking experience.

In conclusion, people's reluctance to walk can be understandable due to new lifestyle and infrastructure's degradation, yet, it can be discouraged by the mass media and the government's support.
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Living in modern society makes people not only become more and more lazy but also skips many daily healthy routines, one of which is going on foots. In this essay, I will discuss some main reason leading to this problem and suggest some effective ways to cope with this situation.

I claim that there are two major factors which affect decreasing in number of people walking. First of all, the development of personal transportation leads to people depending completely. Instead of going to the bus stop or subway station on foots, their use their own car or motorbike, which are parked in garage to go the destination promptly. By the time, this become a habit of their life. Secondly, many people do not feel safe when they walking in the street. Sidewalks in many cities is too narrow. Moreover, gas emission from vehicle, thief and traffic crash are the major reasons which affect health of people.

To deal with these problems, the governments and citizens should have more effective solutions. Firstly, State should increase tax for using personal vehicle and encourage people going by public transportation. As a result, people must walk to the bus station or subway. The second solution to solve issue is that nations should expand more and more street for walking. Furthermore, the security of these areas must be ensured by police patrol or security camera.

In conclusion, these above mentioned reason explain for fewer people going on foots at the present and measures must be carried out by governments and individuals

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There has been a decline in the number of people keeping walking regularly. This alarming trend poses a number of medical threats to their health. 

There are various reason why people walk less than they used to. The primary reason is the constraint of time, industrial life requires people to move more quickly. The demand of utilizing fully their time to go to workplace result in using motor vehicles or electric machines such as cars and elevators.
Moreover,these days people afford a personal transport easier and easier because of the development of car industry. Car empower user with rapid traveling time to desired détinations and feeling safe.
To highly motivate people walking more regularly, the authority have to conduct urgent solutions that including the long-term and the short-term. Firsly, it is believed that the government should broadly diffuse benifits of walking which improve citizens' quality of lives. According to recent studies, walking decreases risks of high blood pressure, loss of memory and another its advantage is to maintain belly muscle strength. Furthurmore, there has been a general expectation that a lot of walking streets  are going to be built or organizing walking days, during that time, certain streets are used for walkers, cars and others banned.
Theseday fewer and fewer people spend time walking on a daily basis for many reasons. Nonetheless, I have a strong belief in near future that they will soon realize benefits of it and have more time to walking
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