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Some people believe that a crime is a result of social problems and poverty, others think 
that crime is a result of bad person’s nature. Discuss both views and give your opinion  

Some people think that bad inborn personality is a reason for crime. However I believe that social problems and poverty should account for this problem.

It is reasonable for some people to consider that bad person’s nature causes crime since negative people normally tend to get along with crime easier than good people. For example, a child who fight and bully his friends at school will be easier to commit a crime such as robbing or even killing people. Morever, badly behaved characteristic like selfishness could also lead to crime as these kind of people tend to love themselve more than care for others. Therefore, they possibly do everything even bad actions just to benefit themselve. For instance, a man can murder his ex-girlfriend because of her having a new boyfriend just to satisfy his jealousy.

On the other hand, social issues and poverty should be considered significantly to be the main reason which lead to crime. When human struggle with life and are not able to live positively, they are forced to break the laws to survive. For example, a man may rob to get the money to buy foods or clothes. Social problems such as discriminant may also lead to crime as people are not treated equally. Some may be treated badly by people around and seem to have no advantages in life. They are isolated. Consequently, for some people, negative thoughts may occur. Revenge, for example, may accidently lead people to crime.

In conclusion, a number of people may believe bad person’s nature causes crime but I would argue that the most and main reason for people to commit a crime is social issues and poverty.


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