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In order to learn a new language well one should get to know the culture and the lifestyle of the country where it is spoken. To what extent do you agree with this idea?


Undoubtedly, learning a second language is an increasingly popular trend among people since the advent of globalization and learners have been constantly inundated with many study techniques. In my view, I strongly agree with the growing consensus that the best method to master a new language is to understand the culture and lifestyles of native country.

Firstly, the relationship between language and culture, by all means, is deeply rooted. Culture clearly dictates the norm of communication among people which is obviously conveyed through language. This can be exemplified by various dialects in different English speaking countries, where people have unique way of communicating with each other using typical slangs and manners. As a second language learner, a person might confuse native speakers simply because of standard dialogs that he learns in a text book and the only solution is getting to know their country’s culture and lifestyles.

Furthermore, many learners do not fully understand the meanings of some common language expressions. In some circumstances, it is no doubt that there are certain phrases which are considered to formal in a particularly culture but informal in the other. As many linguists are often unaware and use translation of mother-tongue locution, they may accidentally offend the indigenous people. Therefore, it is crucial for every language learners to thoroughly understand the culture and traditions of the speaking country in order to apply what they learn properly in real life context.

In conclusion, as discussed, language is generally not easy to master especially for non-native people and the most efficient way to learn is to study the culture and lifestyles of country where the language is spoken.     


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