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In many countries, international fast food is replacing traditional food. This has adverse effects on families, individuals and society. Agree of disagree? give reasons


It is undoubtedly that fast food industry is fast growing around the world and has replaced traditional food in many countries. Some believe this trend will cause harmful effects on families, individuals and the society. Personally, I think the advantages of international fast food prevail over its disadvantages.

The negative aspects of international fast food are widely known by the public. For instance, excessive consumptions of junk food are the main cause of increasing obesity rate in almost every nation, particularly in United States. Also, there are many additional well-known associated health problems such as diabetes and liver diseases, which are caused by high level of sugar and insufficient amount of nutrients present in junk food. Hence, the rising popularity of fast food over traditional food is likely to produce unhealthy and obese future generations. As the result, people generally possess negative perspective on fast food.

However, fast food can certainly bring far more benefits to people far than its negatives. Firstly, regarding to health, it is scientifically proven that junk food can help to boost metabolism, which in turn improves digestive system, if consumed moderately. Also, international fast food industry reportedly has contributed substantial income to national economy in many countries. This can potentially be used to subsidize other sectors. Additionally, the industry has created many jobs for people which may aid reducing the gap between employment and unemployment figures in each nation. Thus, it is obvious fast food is tremendously beneficial to society.

Overall, as discussed, although international fast food has adverse effects on people, its advantages would outweigh its disadvantages if people are in control of their junk food consumption.

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It's undoubted, not undoubtedly or you can write It's is no doubt that.. to be more fomal. 
Obese is an adjective, you can't use it as a verb in this case ( ..obese future generations ?!) 
One can say that your essay is pretty good for a beginner but some parts are incoherent and it make me really hard to understand what you want to say. 

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cho nao ban thay coherence chua dc

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