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Up to this time, many stories about alien invasion have been told via rumors among people from different countries. Lots of us assumed that aliens are real whereas others don’t believe in. That’s one of the mysteries in outer space science. Besides, the need to find a new planet which has the same condition for human life is raised. Consequently, I strongly believe that government should pay more for scientists to do research about outer space so as to discover the truth about other species in universe and continue finding a new home for our residents.

First, more investment should be put in astronomical science so that human may possess a new settlement. As far as we all know, our Earth is getting worse due to a lot of bad influences from human such as the pollution of air, land, water. It can easily explained by the emission of green gases from industries and people as well as by the erosion of land surface when too many trees have been cut down. Therefore, according to many scientific studies, our Earth is at high risk for complete destruction in every aspect. As a result, government should spend money on finding new planet which is suitable for life so that we all can have a new home instead of our Earth in the near future. That’s the reason why NASA has been investigating on a new project to live train people for living in Mars.

Second, with more amount of bills for outer space, the possibility to connect with other races outside the Earth is increased. If we can contact the aliens, human have chance to learn about a new world. Then, we’re able to not only discover more modern technologies from other peoples but also make more friends. And that’s surely a wonderful opportunity to change our Earth. From ancient time to now, we’ve recorded many exceptional phenomena which can tell us the high possibility of alien existence. However, our technologies haven’t been well enough to contact any public aliens. So, more dollars for outer space might help to interact with outer species, that reveals potential benefits for human as mentioned above.

To sum up, the search for a new shelter and aliens will be boosted by more money from the government. Such journey may help human to have better place to live in or even a better Earth. Therefore, investment for outer space field is more crucial than the basic needs on Earth.
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