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Nowaday, we will see that the majority of people are making the decision to live alone.  Maybe people believe that living alone has more positives effects than negatives effects, so we will demonstrate it.

             Firstly, there is no doubt that this trend brings some benefits for human lives. It is true that living alone supports people to be more positive in their life. Living alone makes people become more independent, they take care of themselves instead of having to need help from other people. This thing also makes them know way to manage their times. In addition, when they can manage thier times, they can work better. Besides, they can feel freedom when they are singles, they can do what they want that don’t care about surrounding people.

            Secondly, living alone also brings some negatives impacts for people who have decision to live alone. In fact, the people can feel lonely because they lack of care of others. For example, when he/ she are sick, they have to take care of themselves because of having no care from any person. Morover, they also have to pay everything in their lives, specail is money for something such as: thier rents, their foods, their drinks,... With these reasons, living alone is really bring boring and tiring for the person who decide to live alone.

         In conclusion, living alone is a trend for deciding of many peole. It can bring not only positives effects but also negatives effects for this life. Therefore, each of us should think carefully if you want to live alone.
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-Shouldn't copy the topic, let paraphase it


-positives effects,negatives effects--positive effects, negative effects

-Shouldn't using "we will" twice ,try to use other structure with strong language


paragraph 1

-The second sentence is the same meaning with the first one.

-Replacing "living alone" by the other noun phrases

-"know way to manage their times"--"know how to manage their times"

-thier times-their times


paragraph 2

-inparagraph 1, first sentence u use "bring some benefits.." so don't use it again in paragraph 2, use another one with the same meaning.

-again with negatives impact

-lack of care of--lack of caring of

-any person--the others people



-again : bring, positives, negative

-"this life" is not correct-- people lives
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thanks you very much. it is so useful for me. smiley

you're welcome

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