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   we cannot deny that one of the most significant issues in society today are very concerned for is how to reduce environmental pollution becoming so devastating and so several nations are attemping to tackle these matters. This essay will analyze take a more detailed look at the situation and suggest some possible solutions.

   First of all, that environment contamination has happened as a result of the rising utilization of fossil fuels being burned to severe human's daily activities, fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. More specificially, should non-renewable energy is burned everytime, it maybe release a large amount of exhaust e mission. So that not only do exhaust fume affect to atmostphere severely as global warming, acid rain, but it also influence drastic people's health. I think the most obviuos answer is for government to explore an alternative energy source, for instance, solar, wind , biofuels. By doing this, this environment problem has a downward trend and it can able to keep healthy lifestyle prospectively

  secondly, the over use of chemical product munbre has led to the fact that polluted environment have become so catastrophic. For example, chemical such as insecticides, fertilizer are used to support the development of trees. Consequently, no ony do chemical gadgets affect so drastic water resources, but it also cause environmental contamination. Thus, one option measure is to educate people in how to utilize their co- firendly energy more effectively. This will lead to reduce the polluted environment in our living

   In conclusion, this problem has resulted in several serious consequences which require immediat attention. Moreover, we should make a concerted effort to solve these problem to create a better future for human next generations.


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-Task response 4.5: Ý tưởng trong phần thân bài hơi bị chung chung. Bạn nên chia thân bài ra làm 2 đoạn causes và solutions để tiện theo dõi và nhận sét, cũng như phát triển ý. Bạn nên explain ideas mỗi phần của bạn nhiều hơn tí.

-Cohesion 4.5: Câu dài và không có ngắt câu dẫn tới khó hiểu. Cohesive words của bạn xài đúng chỗ. Phần kết luận cần nêu rõ ràng these problems là như cái nào.

-Grammar 4.5: Nhiều từ dùng sai chổ, không đúng từ. Nhiều từ thêm vào câu làm câu không rõ nghĩa và lủng củng.

-Lexical resources 4.5: Có sử dụng nhiều từ academic nhưng nhiều từ không được phù hợp và sai nghĩa
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