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Some people think that it is better for older schoolchildren to study a large number of subjects and develop a range of knowledge. Others argue that they should study a smaller number of subjects and focus in details. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


A large number of people think that students should study a variety of subjects so as to enrich a wide range of knowledge, while others hold a firm concept that learners had better focus on their departments instead of spending too much time on other subjects. To my concept, it is somewhere in the middle.

As it can easily be seen, obtaining a wide knowledge from lots of subjects would never be superfluous. There will always be a time when people are required to adopt themselves to the new environment, thus owning a large amount of skills surely helps. For instance, if it had not been for Steve Jobs's - a technologist -  ability in persuasion, Apple store would not have made such a great progress.  Furthermore, when sudden things namely accident or natural disaster come out, flexible abilities in different areas will certainly help us to encounter the problems.

Moving to the concept of comprehending knowledge in detail by concentrating solely on a small number of departments basically enjoys some positive impacts. As competition increases day after day, a better a man is in requested area, a higher chance he would be employed feasibly. Hence, in order to keep up with this trend, spending time exceling in specific area enjoys far more positive factors than wasting time obtaining too much knowledge.

Assuredly, each different concept of educating witnesses identified advantages. As a consequence, choosing methods of studying depends heavily on people's demand of applying knowledge as well as the students' hobby. For instance, if the current trend is employing flexible abilities, students ought to study a wide range of subjects.

In summary, since each student's learning a wide variety of subjects and mastering one's department enjoys specific negative trend, it is suggested that learners consider his way of acquiring knowledge carefully before moving into a specific method.

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In recently years, the improvement of education is burning issue of many educationists in the world. Some people claim that pupils not only should learn a lot of compulsory subjects, but also expand their knowledge widely. Others argue that student should only student some subjects relating to their career in future. In this essay, I will discuss this topic above and present my view.

On the one hand, we cannot deny that learning many subjects and skills in school bring many benefits for students. Firstly, more obligate subjects could help student having more knowledge. These knowledge gotten from school will develop them fully, and it also become the strong platform for their life in future. Secondly, students learning a large number of subjects is easy to find their favorite fields. Approaching to various subjects, student can compare and realize their hobbies field easily. As a result, it helps student choice their job or their major, which are a difficulty for almost student at the present.

On the other hand, having many mandatory subjects in school is truly unnecessary. The first reason to explain for this is that most student cannot remember all knowledge, which is taught in school. Thus, this lead to waste of time and money of the government and individuals. Second, Focusing on some subjects, student could have more time to read book or improve their knowledge in these subjects instead of sharing a similar period time for more. In addition, curriculum could be shortened in order to learner have more time to enjoy their life.

In conclusion, learning variety of subjects also have some pros and cons. From my perspective, students should learn some their loved subjects, and have more spare time to enjoy childhood.

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